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IJCRCST welcomes competent academicians to join us as reviewers. Being a reviewer is a matter of prestige and personnel achievement. IJCRCST follows a strict following of guidelines while accepting the applicant as a reviewer of IJCRCST.

  • Confidential: The IJCRCST follows a secret review process that is not shared between the reviewer and the author. This is entirely an individual product of the reviewer, where the judgement is made upon certain criteria, essential to a collective research area. The editor, sometimes can be the collaborator in few cases but he certainly should not divulge out any bit of information to the author.

  • Blind review: Blind review is meant for fair-dealing. Author?s information is not provided to the reviewer. This process serves to assure uniformity, impartiality and constraint on the part of the reviewer.

  • Predetermined time: The journal provides a rapid course with the publication; the review process is a careful analysis within a constrained time period. With a touch of skill and knowledge, the reviewer has to stick on to a given deadline.

  • Novelty & Originality: Keeping relevance with the context, the submission has to be original in words and in idea. Reviewer should judge an article with respect to its authenticity. If the research finding collides with one of a time ahead, the article should immediately be passed on to the editor mentioning the reference portion along with its unique manuscript id.

  • Structure: IJCRCST aims at structural review. It helps the contents fit to its form by opting for a combination of the stuffing and the frame. Each article has to be laid out in alliance with the convention where all the relating parts like abstract, introduction, methodology, results, conclusions, reference and bibliography, are in proper consistency.

  • Research: The articles are invited from different areas of computer science and technology with a view to create and publish knowledge, but the reviewer is not supposed to lose his/her grip. These articles should be reviewed following the conventional research methodology.

  • Language: Language is the career of idea. So it needs to be well-structured, simpler and familiar. Therefore, a smart diction is desirable on the part of the reviewer.

The minimum sets of qualifications for being a reviewer of IJCRCST are listed below:
  • Should be a holder of PhD degree from a recognized university.

  • Should be a holder of M.S.,/M.E.,/M.Tech., or M.Sc.,/M.C.A., with M.Phil., degree with minimum of 10 years of academic teaching experience in a recognized institution.

  • Should be an author with a minimum of a 4 publications in reputed journals.

If you are interest to join us as reviewers please send your CV to: || otherwise download the MEMBERSHIP FORM and send through our email.

IJCRCST committee will revert back within 7 working days.

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